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Obtain Your Massachusetts Real Estate License

Often people contact us requesting to obtain a Broker's license and we find they do not have a salesperson's license. To Practice Real Estate in Massachusetts the following steps can be followed:

Step One : To practice Real Estate in Massachusetts one must obtain a Massachusetts Salesperson's License. This allows a person to practice real estate and affiliate with a broker/company.

To obtain a license one must complete a 40 Hour course, pass an examination and be

a person of good moral character. The Massachusetts Academy of Real Estate offers the Massachusetts's licensing course using three different versions. We offer day classes, evening classes and weekend classes. Our schedule is online at

Step Two: Once a salesperson has three years of experience with 25 hours a week of activity they are eligible to move forward to obtain a Broker's license by completing an additional 40 hour course and passing an additional examination. This allows them to to become licensed to operate independently and have other agents affiliate with them.


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