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Frequently Asked Questions

What separates your institution from other schools?

       We have certified 40,000 people over the past decade and our students
       score well above average.  We have been named Best Real Estate School by
       leading Trade Publications.


How many hours is the class?    
      The class is 40 hours and once you finish the class you receive a certification booklet that 
       authorizes you to sit for the exam.  The course certification is good for two years.  Therefore,
       once a candidate is certified they have two years to pass the exam.


What is the difference between a Salesperson and a Broker?
    The first license one must obtain is a salesperson's license.  This license allows affiliation with a real estate office.
    Salespeople can not opererate on their own.  A salesperson must affiliate with a broker or company. 


    Once an agent has three years in the business they are eligible to sit for a broker's course.
    A broker can open their own office or operate independently. 


What is included with the class?

        Within the tuition we provide classtime, a text book, a supplemental testing program
        that provides 1500 practice questions and we allow you to retake the course at no cost
        for up to one year from certification. 


When do you offer the class?
         We provide the course monthly.  We provide a weekend that spans for two consecutive weekends from 8 to 6,
         a day course that consists of five days from 9:00am to 5:30pm or ten week day evenings from 6pm to 10pm.

When can I take the test?

          Once you complete the course you receive a certification booklet that authorizes you to
          call to schedule your exam.


How is the test administered?

           It is on a pc and the entire test is mutiple choice.  There are two sections to the exam.

           One section contains 80 questions and the other section is 40 questions.
          You have fours hour to finish the exam.  


What is a passing score?

           You need to get a 70 precent on each section to become licensed.  If you pass one
           section and fail the other you only need to retake the portion that you failed within the
           two year certification window.


Where is the test given?

          The test is given in Charlestown ,Lawrence, Auburn, Fall River, West Springfield. 
          Tuesdays through Saturday at 8:00am, 12:30am and 4:00pm.

          You need to call to schedule the exam once you are certified.


How long is the exam?  
          They give you four hours to complete the exam.  It is ample time.



What is the cost to take the exam?

          Currently the cost is $ 85


What happens if i miss a class?
         You can make the class up during another session


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