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Attention Massachusetts Sales and Broker License Applicants

As of March 1, 2019  the procedure to take the test has changed.  To schedule the exam you will need to mail your application to the exam HQ (cited below).  Once approved they will send you an email with instructions as to what you need to do to schedule your examination.

Important:  You need to mail in the pages we went over in class ( certification booklet):
             1) The Massachusetts Board of Real Estate Certification and Endorsement Page
                    ( page that has your name, school stamp and space for three references)
             2)  Criminal Offender Record Information ( CORI) Acknowledgment Form
             3)  Broker ( Bond and Employer Broker Certification and license information.)

       In Addition to the pages we went over in class the first four pages of the PDF below        needs to be sent in with the paperwork you have already received.

Note: You will need to obtain a picture and attach it to the application,
send in your form of payment. Please look at the checklist on the
first page of the attachment ( sample below) to ensure you have
everything you need.  The PDF and video should be helpful.

   Applications and payment will be mailed to:
     PSI Examinations
     ATTN: Examination Services
     3210 E Tropicana Ave.
     Las Vegas, NV 89121



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